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Always dreams pleasure future


Today, we live in too many technologies and convenience of science.
The world has been changed faster and quickly. Perhaps, we lose something important in the high-tech world.
Mercane never wants to make simple better technology; we want to understand and make your relax time and place.
Upon the standard of sensitivity, we unite and re-unite in more technologies and design.


Mercane is organized by main idea; we share and communicate with information and opinion of each part.
Under this union, the idea of plan, production, manufacturing and sales is not fixed as a beginning; it gets to change and develop to new and creative being continuously as alive itself.
Under the idea, each parts get various thinking and chance after sharing information continuously each other; can be available to decide solution voluntary and actively.
We make that innovation.



May: Mercane Co.,LTD established
July: R&D department established, weihai, shan-dong province, China.
August: personal mobility mercanewheels E-wagon poject started
October: patent #10-2015-014230 “Electric Cart”
November: personal mobility mercanewheels Transboard project started
November: patent #10-2015-0158938 “Cart with cast”
November: mercanewheels E-wagon 1st prototype complete
December: mercanewheels E-wagon 2nd design started


March: mercanewheels E-wagon mold model for mass-production started
March: Patent #10-2016-0028797 “removable motor operated driving equipment”
March: Patent #10-2016-0034226 “removable and boardable electric cart”
April: Patent #10-2016-0052376 “motor operated driving equipment”
April: Design registration #30-2016-0020575 “electric board”
May: mercanewheels Transboard 1st prototype complete
July: mercanewheels E-wagon beta complete
July: Patent #10-2016-0085262 “foldable kickboard”
August: Design registration #30-2016-0040346 “electric board”
August: mercanewheels Transboard mold model for mass-production started

Mercane is expert R&D and manufacturing company in various type of personal mobility which moves by electric power.
Mercane always dreams pleasure future.
Any electric vehicle is fine, we never limit to our future.
We always look at the new world with your eyes and sense only.
Mercane fulfill the future technology; hope to share it with all around the world.


About us

“Personal mobility, Drive the pleasure”

Share information in main idea.

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